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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  August 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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hacking. the security flaw making them vulnerable next. ,,,,,,
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crushed a mother at a popular bay area park. the question tonight: >> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> this 100-pound tree branch crushed a mother at a popular bay area park today. the question tonight, who is responsible? >> let's get to kpix5's andria borba in san francisco's north beach tonight. we now know the mother suffered a skull injury and is in the hospital tonight. >> reporter: well, ken, juliette, it was a bright sunny day here at washington square park albeit relatively windy. city officials are trying to figure out what brought this tree limb crashing down. it was just after 3:00 when linda an her husband on vacation from seattle were walking through the park. >> we heard a crash and a big branch came down. >> reporter: they saw a little
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girl and momentarily breathed a sigh of relief. then they saw her mother on the ground under a giant pine tree branch that had fallen 50 or 60 feet. linda jumped into action and kept the 37-year-old mother of two from moving until paramedics arrived. >> she was unconscious. while i was taking her pulse, she took a big breath. at that point, you know she's alive. >> reporter: the woman was rushed to sf general for a skull injury and the playground figure out what happened. >> it is just devastating beyond words. >> reporter: the tree in question, number 56 on the city's register, a canary island pine was last fully examined in 2008 with another brief check in 2010 before the drought. it was said to be in good condition. >> looking at the tree itself, we have seen that it has good moisture content and the wood is healthy. >> reporter: nevertheless, once
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the scene was cleared, the crews took chain saws and began trimming dead limbs from the trees. dennis with rereaction and park says the last checkup is in line with forestry standards. >> if you can get on an assessment schedule every 15 years you are doing pretty well. >> reporter: we learned tonight the mother is from visitation valley here in san francisco. at last check, she is still in critical condition at san francisco general hospital. live in san francisco, andria borba, kpix5. fast moving brush fire draws an aggressive response near morgan hill. flames were moving quickly in the steep terrain along the yubas reservoir. you could see the plume of smoke for miles as it otherwise over the south bay. we saw planes dropping water on
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the flames. 30 homes were evacuated as a precaution. cause of the fire still under investigation tonight. a woman shot in the head in a bibi gun attack in san leandro. tonight, police believe the gunman is just 13 years old. police responded to the shooting scene at 14th street and 159th avenue around 8:00 last night. the victim told police someone inside this black jeep cherokee opened fire at her and then drove off. shortly after that attack, police responded to another shooting incident involving the same car. the police are searching for the gunman and the driver. the shooting victim is expected to be okay. a sophisticated pot operation thriving in the hills near livermore, christin ayers shows us how well it was hidden to everyone but police. >> reporter: a massive marijuana farm in rural livermore. so big, you can see it from google earth. alameda county sheriffs deputies busted the 200-acre marijuana grow yesterday riding into the area off mines road on
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atvs and dirt bikes. what they found here, millions of dollars in marijuana. towering pot plants, some nine feet tall. authorities took chain sauce to nearly 5,000 marijuana plants. they also found 100 pounds of processed marijuana. handguns, and cash. the grow was about two miles up a dirt road in this area. authorities say the growers used bulldozers and drilled illegal wells doing millions of dollars in environmental damage. the alameda county sheriff's department say these two were the master minds behind the grow. david and lorelei martin. in livermore, christin ayers, kpix5. poison scare at a south bay park turns out to be a false alarm. park rangers in santa clara county found these white pellets two days ago at santa teresa county park.
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at first, they thought they might contain bait to kill rodents. turns out, the pellets actually contain the pesticide that vector control routinely uses to eliminate mosquito larvae in standing water. it is not clear if they were supposed to be there in the first place. tonight, a tech mogul's luck just ran out. he was charged with domestic abuse twice. he dodged prison once, but now, he is looking at jail time. but first, joe vasquez says there is a twist. >> reporter: former tech ceo grabash chahal walks out of court a free man despite the fact he abused two different women. he went for a sentencing hearing. they wanted him put he hind bars 18 months because he violated probation from an earlier conviction. he hit his girlfriend 117 times
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over two-and-a-half hours. that assault was caught oncamera but it was ruled the police illegally obtained the surveillance video. he got probation. then into his domestic counseling, a new accuser came forward. his attorney says he should remain free because the accuser never showed up to court. >> i don't think it is appropriate for somebody who have their liberty taken away and a witness never shows up. >> reporter: judge tracy brown sentenced him to 12 months in jail but said he will remain free while he appeals the case. that didn't sit well with domestic violence advocates. >> it is unfortunate he will not get a wakeup call today. but there is no doubt he will at some point. we just hope it happens before anybody else is injured. >> reporter: i should mention the accuser didn't show up in court because she is back in her home country of south korea. as for him, he is a free man though the prosecutor said he has shown a complete lack of
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remorse. in san francisco, joe vasquez, kpix5. one of the men featured in the hit netflix documentary making a murder had his conviction overturned. a federal judge says he was tricked into confessing. >> no matter what you did, we can work through that. >> now, that's an excerpt from brendon dassey's interrogation in wisconsin in 2006. he was a teenager when he admitted he helped kill a woman. today, the judge said investigators wrongly told him he had nothing to worry about and took advantage of his learning disability it is. kpix5 legal analyst ledores cordel. >> reporter: the issue was not whether or not the confession was true, but if it was voluntary. it has to be found to be voluntary before a jury can hear it. and here the court found these officers violated the constitution when they basedly got this confession from him. >> his uncle was convicted separately for the same murder.
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he is serving a life sentence, but is also pursuing an appeal. netflix is working on new episodes. hillary clinton is putting pressure on donald trump to release his tax returns. she did it by releasing hers as allen martin shows us. >> reporter: hillary and bill clinton filing jointly made $10.7 million last year. most of it was speaking fees. 5.3million for him. 1.5million for her. she also got $3 million for her book hard choices. their federal tax rate, 34.2%. they gave about a million dollars to charity, almost all of it to the clinton family foundation. different from the controversial clinton foundation. but clinton didn't just release her taxes. she used them as a club to try to blue john donald trump into releasing him. it began yesterday in detroit. >> he refuses to do what every other presidential candidate in decades has done and release
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his tax returns. >> reporter: the clinton campaign also released a video of republicans criticizing trump's refusal to turn over his taxes. >> he doesn't want to do it because presumably there is something in there that is bad. >> reporter: trump said last night on fox news he is being audited and has no choice. >> when you are under a routine audit, you can't release them. >> reporter: the irs says candidates may release them even while they are being audited. the trump campaign put out a statement responding to clinton. it reads in part, hillary clinton has turned over the only records nobody wants to see from her. the american public wants to see the 33,000 e-mails she deleted to obstruct an fbi investigation. allen martin, kpix5. extreme turbulence injures two dozen passengers on a flight to northern california. you will hear from a doctor caught in the middle of the emergency. >> hackers found a new way to break into your car.
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tonight, how they can unlock millions of cars wirelessly. >> and this stanford athlete made history at the olympics. tonight, how her victory uncovered a troubling secret in the world of swimming. ,,
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became seriously ill. >> california's air national guard swooped in to make a rescue at sea after a canadian sailor became seriously ill. here are crews zeroing in on a frigate called the calvary northwest of san francisco. the national guard sent two helicopters and a para rescue team. they made sure the 37-year-old man was stable and flew him to moffit field. it was a bumpy ride to sacramento for a plane of jet blue passengers. passengers say a crew member
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was thrown to the ceiling from the turbulence. >> reporter: terrifying moments. >> everything kind of went up. shoe ins the air. >> went flying way up in the air and my laptop flew up. >> reporter: in the skies over the midwest. >> a bunch of people got hurt. a bunch of stuff fell down. >> reporter: with more than 150 people on board flight 429, they approached some storms near south dakota. >> we go right into this huge cloud. boom. like flew up way in the air. the whole plane shook. >> it can be hair-raising. >> reporter: steven thompson is a pilot. he says what the people on board experienced is likely an air pocket called a micro burst. >> downdraft as high as 6,000 feet per minute. >> reporter: traveling through storms can be bumpy, but there is no way to prepare for the sudden burst. >> when you are being pushed down at that rate, it is a tremendous force. >> reporter: the plane was diverted to rapids city south dakota. 20 passengers and two crew members were hurt. one passenger said he saw a
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flight attendant hit the ceiling. >> they asked for help and i was the only physician on board. >> reporter: allen lee attended the bruises and battered. he said the shaky ride rocked people's nerves. more than 14 hours later, wheels down on a different plane in sacramento. >> yeah. i'm going to sleep good tonight. >> reporter: the passengers taken to the hospital were later booked on other airlines to get to their final destination. in sacramento, drew balea, kpix5. >> turbulence was so bad it ripped a toilet right off the wall. a passenger tweeted this photo. tonight, bart is trying to figure out what caused a mystery flash over. one of the third rails short circuited between the 24th street and daly city stations. that sparked small fires causing delays. bart will make repacer overnight and service should be back to normal tomorrow. car break-ins are a big problem all across the bay
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area. now, crooks have a new trick occupy their sleeves. tonight, julie watts reports millions of vehicles with keyless entry systems appear to be the most vulnerable. >> who needs the hot water when you have a laptop. >> reporter: security video outside david payne's home shows this guy stealing his daughter's jeep wrangler using a laptop to hack the car's on board computer diagnostics port, tricking it into accepting a generic key he brought with him. >> i was perplexed. >> reporter: from san francisco to chicago, car owners like mary maxton have reported similar car break-ins with a sign of a break-in. tonight, u.k. researchers presented lock it and still lose it. demonstrating a hack that could unlock millions of vehicles manufacturerred by volkswagen since 2010 because they say the company reused the same crypt graphic master key. they say think of it like a user name and password. every car has unique user names
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you can intercept with a hacking device placed near the car. when they found vw reuses the key, think same password for banking and gmail, others use weak passwords like 1234. so once a crook intercepts your user name, the passwords are not hard to crack. police suggest parking in a garage when possible and consider buying an old fashioned club. chrysler is cooperating with police. vw tells us it is continuously improving security measures and the researchers tell us vw has updated security for the 2016 models. in the news room, julie watts, kpix5. one of the bay area's biggest newspapers is apologizing for an offensive headline. 20-year-old stanford swimmer simone emanuel made history tying for first becoming the first african-american woman ever to win gold for the u.s.
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in an individual swimming event. well, the san jose mercury news posted this headline. olympics, michael phelps shares historic night with african- american. no mention of simone's name. later, they tweeted this saying we apologize for ans in tentative headline on the store about simone emanuel and michael phelps. thanks to simone, many african- american kids are interested in swimming and that's good news because as sharon chin reports, a disturbing percentage don't know how to swim. >> there is a gold. >> reporter: 20-year-old gold medalist simone is an instant inspiration to cameron. >> i don't know how to swim. maybe i can be like her one day. >> reporter: many african- americans say they hope simone's victory opens the door for more blacks to learn to swim. that is because nearly seven in ten black children have little or no swimming ability according to a usa swimming
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study. that is compared to 42% of white and nearly 60% of hispanics. and the cdc says black children drown at a rate that is five- and-a-half times greater than white kids. reasons include past discrimination limiting access to swimming pools and the high cost of lessons. but delasio emerson of the palo alto ymca says simone's influence can turn the tide. >> that knocks down barriers of fear. children will be more willing to get into the water and learn about water safety in the process. >> reporter: the stanford all american hope to be one of many one day. she says i would like there to be a day when there are more of us and it is not simone the black swimmer. and with her as a role model, a new wave of swimmers appears ready to jump in. >> i want to be an olympic swimmer when i grow up. >> reporter: sharon chin, kpix5. >> and there are encouraging long term trends. the usa swimming foundation
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says black membership in swimming clubs jumped 55% in the past decade. the perseid meet your shower is going to light up the shies again tonight. kpix5 photographer bryan nguyen snapped these. >> the peak was last night. still going on three more nights. look to the north an give your eyes time to adjust to the darkness. big temperature spread today. pacifica. 58 degrees for a high. 45 miles away, it was 44 degrees hotter in vacaville. it hit 102. big time temperature spread today. air quality tomorrow not so good for the east bay for a third straight day and the 16th time this summer we will have a spare the air day. some of the smoke in monterrey county wafting to the north and east. jazz summer fest in san jose kicked off this evening. live weather earlier this evening.
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good times, good music, good weather. it 165 65 in san jose. you will drop one more degree in the north bay. vallejo, 56. livermore, 57. redwood city, overnight low, 57 degrees. it is saul about a big ridge of high pressure. lit cut off the on shore flow for inland locations because the marine layer will get compressed. what does that mean for you at the beach? nothing. what about near the bay? one or two degrees. it really means something inland where you jump five to seven degrees tomorrow, but this ridge will not make everybody h. only away from the water will you see the biggest rise. we do have the cloud cover and fog returning tonight. anywhere near the bay or along the coast. we will call it modest warming. it is not the big warming we had three weeks ago. we are just not going to see that. it will be nice sunday, but not as warm. so the warmest hottest days will be tomorrow. and that adds up to a whopping 67 for you in san francisco. 72 in oakland, very close to average. 86 in santa clara.
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96 for morgan hill. but only 74 for hayward and still, 62 in pacifica with a foggy morning. san ramon, walnut creek, concord. mid 09s . kentfield, nice day, 85. daly city only 62. santa rosa, 85. saint helena, 95 degrees. we will stay in the 90s through the middle of next week inland. but right around 70 near the bay. 60 along the coast. so that big temperature spread in effect the next five days. >> looks good. thanks paul. tonight, the predator that has been lurking in the depths of the ocean for hundreds and hundreds of years. >> and tonight on the late show with stephen colbert, samuel l. jackson, julie klausner and schoolboy q. >> and the 49ers take on the texans this sunday. and you can catch the game starting at 4:00 p.m. right here on kpix5. ark has been preying,,,,,,,,,,,,
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california's clean air laws are working. we've cut toxic pollution. we're seeing fewing cases of asthma in kids. and the new clean energy economy has created more than half a million jobs. i'm tom steyer. just when we're making progress, the oil companies are trying to weaken our clean air laws. but we can stop them. send them a message. we're going to protect our kids - not their profits. ♪ hundreds.. of years. >> well, it is is a giant shark that has been preying in the oceans for hundreds and
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hundreds of years. >> researchers say this female greenland shark is 392 years old, the longest living vertebrate. they determined the age of the shark by looking into their eyes. protein built up on their lenses and they use radio carbon dating to count the layer. >> they could see carbon going to the 1960s and we could see the radiation in the eyes there. and we go deeper and estimate that it is 300 to 400 years when these sharks were actually born. >> by the way, the greenland shark is not the oldest creature in the sea. and icelandic clam lived to be 507 years old. >> wow. >> look at your eyes to know how old you are. >> don't look into my eyes. don't look. all right, coming up in sports, the giants are back at home trying to carry on the
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momentum of the win over the marlins and a long playoff drought this season ended, we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> got a little football tonight. >> yeah. >> a little bit of football. >> it is almost the regular season. because, this preseason stuff right? it is just preseason. not that thrilling. but there are very few questions when it comes to the raiders. tonight, we finally got a peek of what to expect from the silver and black this season. the young raider fan here awesome al davis impersonation. this man, derek karr may help end the raiders playoff drought. karr looking for a receiver and he finds michael crabtree with the 22-yard pass. three passes for 44 yards and two series of play. his backup, he looked good. his second touchdown of the night. this one goes to andre holmes. and karr is loving that. the raiders win 31-10. baseball now. matt cane going for his fourth straight win against the
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baltimore orioles. the giants down 2-0. in the third. mark trumbo takes this one deep. bottom half of the frame, denard span. joe panik comes around to score. so, we go to the 5th inning and cane having more trouble on the mound. he gives up a solo home run. the orioles win it by a final of 5-2. oakland athletics taking on the mariners who have won seven straight. shawn manea hoping for run support. bottom of the third. tied at 3-3. and yonder alonzo. oakland takes the lead. and the as cool off seattle by a final of 6-3. so, one loss, and one win for them. >> okay, we'll be right back.
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we >> thanks for watching. the late show with stephen colbert is next. >> have a great weekend. take care. >> captions by:caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email:
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> wow. >> what you reading? >> stephen: the internet. >> oh, i read that, it's good. >> stephen: it says here that researchers at m.i.t. taught a computer to watch two people on tv and predict whether or not they're going to kiss. >> hey, we're on tv. is your computer watching us? >> stephen: i don't know. but who i kiss is none of my computer's business. ( laughter ) oooh. give me a kiss. >> announcer: tonight, stephen welcomes samuel l. jackson. julie klausner. and a musical performance by


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